About Us

ClearLeaf offers a unique partnership with companies who wish to take the pain out of technology. Our belief is that organizations focused on business objectives, rather than dealing with tech problems, are more apt to be successful. ClearLeaf aims to show our clients that technology can be a key enabler for business growth.

24x7x365 Support

What happens when your 1-person IT department goes on vacation or gets sick? ClearLeaf can provide coverage every day of the year so you don't have to "make do". We make sure we are familiar with your network so you will always have the support you need.

Leave it to the pros

We have inherited enough poorly managed networks to understand that the typical 1-person IT department rarely has the experience to apply "Best Practices" for IT management. We have the experience to make IT a competitive advantage for your business.

Enterprise-class software

We have cutting edge software tools for managing the networks we support. These tools allow us to manage every aspect of our clients' desktops and servers remotely. With these tools we can proactively prevent problems to improve uptime and reliability.

A true partnership

We have organized our consulting business around the idea that long-term relationships yield the best results for us and our clients. Our approach is that we develop the in-depth knowledge of your business required to make long-term, strategic recommendations.

Why Choose Us

We understand that your business productivity and reputation with your clients and staff often rests in our hands. We manage our organization so that we can provide consistent rapid response to your needs. We pledge to keep your business up and running.