Backup Solutions

Backup Managed Services for Your Business

Engage ClearLeaf's Backup Managed Services so you can focus on more strategic projects while ClearLeaf Client Support expertly manages your day-to-day backup operations.

Each service varies in media, retention length and media storage location so you can choose the exact right solution to protect your workload.

ClearLeaf's Backup Managed Services are designed for customers who desire a proactive approach to their backup strategy. Engaging ClearLeaf's experts to manage your day-to-day backup operations allows your IT professionals to focus on higher priority and strategic objectives

Evaluate your workload's retention length and retained media location requirements to help determine the most effective backup plan. ClearLeaf's Backup Service is cost-effective for long-term retention and offers off-site storage.

ClearLeaf's Backups Managed Service is ideal for workloads with regulatory or compliance requirements that call for 365-day retention or off-site backups.