Firewall Recommendations

Choose the right firewall for your business size

Selecting a firewall is never as simple as typing "buy a firewall" into Google. In fact, we highly recommend you don't do that. ClearLeaf recommends you work with us to determine the kind of firewall you need in your business. Firewalls for a singular PC are typically called personal firewalls. These personal firewalls are installed from a piece of software and may have less reporting and management functionality than needed. When you own a business of any size - from a sole employee and system to large corporate entities - we recommend going beyond the personal firewall to a small business or enterprise firewall. Small business firewalls can protect more than one PC at a time, can screen network traffic, and have increased reporting capabilities. Enterprise firewalls allow you to manage thousands of users, and offer management tools to configure many firewalls at once. Let ClearLeaf help you decide which firewall is right for you.