ClearLeaf the knowledge and experience to design, build, and support the appropriate e-mail and office communications solution for your organization. We handle everything from simple e-mail installations such as Sendmail to complex groupware implementations such as Microsoft Exchange server. ClearLeaf also has the experience to drastically reduce your email spam with robust anti-spam solutions. We realize the vital role that e-mail and groupware play in daily business operations, and provide all our customers with the same superior level of care.

People use e-mail to communicate with others around the globe every day. For many, the use of e-mail has replaced the need for making phone calls and writing letters. As far as businesses are concerned, the use of e-mail has nearly eliminated the timeline to transfer documents, inter-office memos, and practically every other form of paper-based business communication. Many feel that they can't live without their e-mail, even for an hour.

On top of the standard e-mail applications available today, we go one step further and promote the use of groupware and real-time office communications systems. Groupware allows individuals to collaborate on many levels through the use of e-mail, calendaring, news groups, mailing lists, instant messaging, and task management. Real-time office communications improves worker productivity and efficiency of communication even further.

Groupware also improves the accessibility and portability of business communication by providing connectivity to these systems via a standard Internet browser, Blackberry, SmartPhone, or PDA. As a result, business can be conducted at any time, and nearly at any place. We'll help you synchronize your mobile device to one or more email accounts, review your daily tasks, and follow-up on meetings scheduled for the day; all while enjoying your morning coffee. We look forward to hearing from you, so e-mail us today to schedule a free consultation!