Spam Filtering

Spam is on the rise

Business-critical applications are on the rise and no application is more critical than email. Spam email volume is increasing. Malware volume in increasing. Phishing attempts are increasing. Ransomware is on the rise!

And with every rise in junk mail volume, there is an increased risk of network downtime. It takes only ONE person to open ONE infected email attachment.

With our hosted email security solution, you can rest assured that email borne threats will be blocked before they reach your network.

Benefits of a Hosted Solution

Our cloud-based solution will mitigate hardware costs and cumbersome setup costs. There is no hardware to buy! No ongoing maintenance costs to worry about. No service packs. No firmware updates. No driver updates.

Spam = Wasted $$$

Stop letting unsolicited junk mail get between your staff and their jobs. Besides being a giant time waster, spam is also known for spreading harmful malware, increasing the daily frequency of IT issues.

ClearLeaf's Hosted Spam Filtering is a cost effective, extremely powerful, 100% hosted solution with no software to install. Using intelligent pre-designed filters, malevolent email is stopped before entering your network. You'll notice an IMMEDIATE drop in junk email the moment ClearLeaf's Email Protection is turned on.

An Affordable Service

Save on cost. Save on bandwidth. With a low monthly subscription, you can provide the protection your employees need against all the non-business related junk email that continually pours into your mail servers. There is no need to keep increasing your Internet pipe; the spam never gets to your network!

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